Volya abo smert`

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We are the Malorussian Liberation Army.
We rebelled against the Kiev regime, which occupied our country
and killed our brothers and sisters.


We have left ZSU because we don’t want to destroy our
people and dance to the tune of oligarchs and foreigners.
We believe that collaboration with the Russian army
will help us take our Malorossia back

0 soldiers

and growing

We no longer want to associate ourselves with the flag of a country that has brought us and our families so much pain and suffering.
That’s why we have our own.

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Black stands for the scorched earth.
Blue stands for the dark Malorussian sky.
The inverted trident is a falcon soaring into the sky.

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Local Crew is our official media partner.
They will publish all the news from our Army.
Also, you can follow our Telegram channel.

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We will prevail